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DIY Magnetic Mosquito/ Insect Screen Kit

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Introducing DIY Magnetic Window Mesh | Mosquito Screen
One effective (cheap!) and low cost way to stop mosquitoes from coming into your home is via the use of wire-mesh over opened windows. Our "DIY Magnetic Window Mesh” aka Mosquito Screen or Insect Screenfortifies your home effectively, keeping mosquitoes out. Our solution is a patented Window Mesh secured together using interlocked grooved magnet and PVC strips, to form a complete seal around our windows. This works for almost all windows (HDB, Condo, landed) and can be easily DIY installed in less than an hour per window. (We also provide installation services if needed).
With InsectOut’s DIY Magnetic Window Mesh, you can leave your windows open with full peace of mind, knowing your homes is protected from Aedes mosquitoes. Say "Goodbye” to using toxic insecticide, or using anti-mosquito patches, when at home.


The DIY Magnetic Insect Screen can be easily installed over (almost) all existing window frames – including HDB, Condos and landed houses. It can be applied to sliding windows, casement windows and even shuttle windows. Our Insect Screen / Window Mesh is installed over your existing window frames innovatively using strong magnetic strips as the base – and the Insect Screen comprises secured interlocked PVC frames – and in colours to match your existing window frame’s colour. You can see the picture above for detailed explanation of how it works.

Peace of Mind with a Piece of Mesh

The following 6 basic components made up the DIY Magnetic Insect Screen. Once set up and installed, it forms a complete seal on your window to stop mosquitoes and insects from entering your house.

  1. Fibreglass Mesh in "invisible” black
  2. Flat Magnetic Strip with 3M® adhesive
  3. Magnetic Strip with grooved clips
  4. PVC Strips – in white or brown colour ("frame of the Magnetic Insect Screen”)
  5. Corner Connectors x4 (in white or brown colour)
  6. Wind (or Holding) clips x2 (in white or brown colour, together with corner connectors)

1. Fibreglass Mesh

Secured between Magnetic strip (grooved) and PVC strip

2. Flat Magnetic strip with 3M adhesive

Affix to window frame/grill

3. Magnetic strip with grooved clips

Secure Mesh to PVC frame


4. PVC strips

Assemble 4 strips to form a rectangular frame


5. Corner Connectors

Reinforce the frame structure


Full DIY Sets

Screen mesh colors(fiberglass):


Screen mesh colors(fiberglass):


Have the following detailed instructions ready when you are ready to install your DIY Magnetic Insect Screen | Window Mesh



Follow These Easy Steps to DIY Install (estimated 40-60min)
Step 1. Measure the size of your window frame.
Step 2, 3. Measure the PVC Strips and Magnetic Strips. Cut to size, using a a pair of general-purpose cutter.
Step 4. Assemble the frame with 4 PVC Strips and 4 Corner Connectors.
Step 5,6. Lay Mesh over the PVC frame. Secure with Grooved Magnetic Strip.
Step 7. Trim off excess Mesh.
Step 8-12. Paste Adhesive Magnetic Strip to window frame. Put up the completed screen.

First Step: Measure


Second Step: Make and Installation



Magnetic Strip နဲ႔မို႔ အလြယ္တကူ ဆင္ရလြယ္ ျဖဳတ္ရလြယ္တဲ႔ ျခင္စကာပါ။ ျခင္အျပင္ အျခားအင္းဆက္ေတြလည္း မဝင္ေအာင္ တားဆီးႏိုင္ပါတယ္။ မိမိလိုခ်င္တဲ႔ ဆိုဒ္ေပၚမူတည္ ျပီး မွာယူလို႔ရပါတယ္။


Magnetic Strip နဲ့မို့ အလွယ်တကူ ဆင်ရလွယ် ဖြုတ်ရလွယ်တဲ့ ခြင်စကာပါ။ ခြင်အပြင် အခြားအင်းဆက်တွေလည်း မဝင်အောင် တားဆီးနိုင်ပါတယ်။ မိမိလိုချင်တဲ့ ဆိုဒ်ပေါ်မူတည် ပြီး မှာယူလို့ရပါတယ်။

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